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Trip to the East

When I travel, the sight of landscapes and astounding scenes is not enough for me. There is always that moment when I wonder what is in the mind of that guy, around my age, who is speeding to his work or picking up his children at school. What is his perception of the world around him. But I am afraid that I shall never understand a chinese, japanese or indian guy. They seem to live in a too far world.


On the contrary, the worlds of Ukraine, Belarus and Western Russia are just far enough. They provided the western world some writers whose books are still on our shelves, and composers whose style is easily understandable.

Among the cities of the ex-sovietic block, Odessa is one of the most western-styled - but with its specific character. First steps there are destabilizing, among the cupolas of the orthodox churches, the cyrillic pannels, the little street shops - and no one may help you, because those who studied during the communist period speak as well english as you speak Latin and ancient Greek. You understand very quickly that you are in another world. But when you ramble around in the city center, when you walk in this passaj which looks so much like the Choiseul walkway in the 2nd district of Paris, or near this opera with its ultra classical architecture, you get the feeling that the keys to the city are within your reach.

Here people say that there is three parts in Ukraine : eastern Ukraine, western Ukraine, and completely apart, Odessa. I have been living there occasionally for some years. I certainly do not know every stone of the city, but I know enough to guide your first steps in this city that compelled me to leave Paris with no regret. It is impossible not to fall under its charm.

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